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This technical information will help you choosing the most appropriate material for the product you may order .

In our catalogue each item has a default material we commonly use for it after several testings, so we are sure of the quality results of this product.

The type of the material can vary following your specific requirements.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

The three great families of materials are: Ecoprene/Coecoprene, Duprene/Coduprene, Neotral/Coneotral

Legenda symbols

Atmospherical agents proof icon Atmospherical agents proof Dimensional steadiness icon Dimensional steadiness Elasticity icon Elasticity
Recyclability icon Recyclable Estinguish icon Estinguish Chemical agents proof icon Chemical agents proof
Range of temperature icon Range of temperature Glueable icon Glueable Weldable icon Weldable

Legenda values

Points Value
•••• excellent
••• good
•• sufficient
- null